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Unit 7 Reflective Journal

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Today was really stressful as our tutors had so many students to see and not enough time  I feel that we should have started hanging our work last week after the Peer assessments because I found that there were many materials I had to buy from the shop today that I could have gathered over the weekend more efficiently. I felt really stressed because my way of mounting my monitor using Command strips did not work as they refused to stick to the wood. i then had to buy more materials including photo hanging wire to hang it in a different way which one of my tutors helped me with. I feel like I was waiting around a lot and then it was a big rush when I finally managed to speak to someone, but I understand that a class of 58 is a lot of students to see, so we would have benefited from more time. We have until 2.00pm tomorrow to hang everything and hand in all of our work, this worries me for the fact that I want y work to look good in the exhibition and i don't think it does at the moment, my idea of how i wanted things is different to how it is, with my wig being separated from the rest of my costume i feel that this is  not going to show my work in the best way, as the wig adds to the costume and the costume adds to the wig; but this has been decided and i understand that there is not enough space for s all to have what we want. I am quite stressed, I have finished all of the paperwork and sketchbook and workflow work that I wanted to but I have not been assigned a mannequin to put my costume on and I really need one, with today being so hectic and stressful this problem did no occur to me straight away so this will have to be solved tomorrow. I know that hanging an exhibition can be stressful as i have done it before in college but we had much more time, guidance and more of a say in how we wanted to display our work. However, I really have enjoyed this project and I am proud of what I have achieved, I just hope it comes across well  and looks good in the exhibition.


Electrical equipment list and instructions

Unit 7 Evaluation


My Project is based around the themes of suppression and rebellion in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ by Anthony Burgess with the title ‘If someone hits you, you hit back, do you not?’. I wanted to show this idea through material and movement and I think I have stayed on that path the entire time with variations in my designs; this was constantly changing as I looked at designs based around, flowers, tribal wear, alternative fashion and traditional dance costume.  The type of movement I wanted to use changed very close to the filming of my piece when my tutor suggested that I should challenge the common use of chiffon in costumes which is leaping spinning and jumping and perhaps look at more distorted movements; this idea worked. The shapes of the body and movement in my final video differ completely from some of my earlier sketches. If I could start my project again I wouldn’t have narrowed down my colour palette so quickly to red and white, I think I would play around with more colours that are not so central in ‘A Clockwork Orange’.


I have researched a wide range of sources in this project and used this as inspiration when designing and working towards my final piece. I am really happy with my outcomes and I think they reflect the themes of my project clearly and effectively. To make my project stronger I would have liked to have made some more time for experimentation with material and colour and I think this is my weakness, I experiment in my drawings and research but not enough physically; if I could do this project again I would experiment more.

I would love to take my ideas in this project further; I really enjoyed layering up the materials in the wig and neck piece, it worked well with my dancer’s movements. I would like to look at movement more because I really enjoyed constructing a costume purposely for dance. I could take this project further by looking at more materials that suppress movement and others that enhance it. I don’t think that I would get bored of this project because rebellion and suppression is happening every day around the world.

Looking back on my project I could have developed and built on one of my earlier sketches more which depicted an excess of fabric with a floating and tangled look to it, I stripped my costume back, but perhaps I could have bought more fabric to experiment with that early idea. In terms of research I think I would have benefitted from seeing more performances as they were really helpful with my choreography ideas.

Overall, I have achieved what I set out to do in my proposal. I wanted to design a costume that showed how the body could be suppressed and how that could lead to the need for freedom and rebellion. I think that my outcomes translate these ideas, I am happy with the project and the possibility for it to be open-ended.



How I have to exhibit my work


How I wanted to exhibit my work


Self Assessment

I did a self assessment after the peer assessment because I wanted to see what I would grade myself against what my peers would. My self assessment gave me really different results, I feel that maybe my peers were too nice during the assessment and gave me high marks where I gave myself lower. It has been good to do a self assessment though because i can now see what I can improve on before the submission day. Over the weekend I am going to collate all of my paperwork including action plans in a folder, I will also make sure that my workflow is completely up to date and all of my research is present.

The self assessment has made me a little worried as I graded myself as a pass, I don't want to take any risks of referral and I like to aim high, I will work on the parts of the assessment where I graded myself lowest and see what I can do over the weekend.


Self assessment


Self assessment


Peer assessment form


Peer assessment form





Today we had peer assessments which was really helpful in showing us how to check our work against the assessment criteria. We circled around the room looking at eachother's work and grading it against the criteria, seeing how other people work is really beneficial as I can pick up on what they have included in their workflow that perhaps I have missed out or I could add more to. I learnt from today that I should make my action plans more clear so I have printed them off to have evidence on workflow and in a separate physical file. I think I might also benefit from evaluating my problems more here, I dont think I explain well enough sometimes the problems I face and how I attempt to solve them .

A problem I came across today was that I may not be able to drill into my allocated wall in order to hang my monitor on which my video will be displayed. I was thinking about using hooks that are used to hang photo frames or installing a shelf but this is not possible without drilling or hammering a screw into the wall. So I sought some advice from my tuto who told me to research into command tape, this product is super strong and sticks to walls, It comes in variations of strips of tape and hooks with the tape on the back so that they may stick to the wall. I think I will have a look for this product on Sunday as I am working this weekend so this will be my last chance to get supplies really and I would like to know that I have everything prepared and read for Monday so that it is not a big rush on Tuesday to submit and hang my work. 



My final video - If someone hits you, you hit back, do you not? Performed by Tali Drumgoon





I spent today editing in the library, I wanted the whole day to work on my film and print photographs to make sure that I had it all prepared for the exhibition. I did need the whole day to do this as i had a lot of footage and it took me a while to decide which parts I liked the best, which were needed, which ones put across my idea best and which ones were not so good or did not particularly add anything to the film. I finished my film though and I like the way I edited it, I played around with the speed of the clips because some of the more distorted movements were emphasised when the speed was increased, so I used this in parts to my advantage. I edited it so you can see what the costume can do when it is moved in in different ways, it follows a narrative of the performer breaking out of a tight material wrapped around her and then discovering everything around her when shee is free, it is a bit like she is being born for the first time, we see her fall and move cautiously and clumsily around the room feeling different textures and exploring her own movements. 

I exported the film in two formats, one for the showreel and one for my portable dvd player screen which I purchased to play my film on in the exhibition. However, there has been a problem and I had to change the format again to be played on the dvd player as it was not accepting the way I had exported it before which is strange as the instructions state that it should be an MPEG2 file which it was, despite this it now works in a different format and I just need to figure out how to put it on a loop for the exhibition and maybe burn it onto a disc just in case there are any problems with my memory stick. 

I'm proud of myself and the progress I have made in the past couple of days, I think I have really pushed myself and worked hard and thankfully I have completed everything I hoped to.

List of things to do before exhibition:

- Make sure workflow and sketchbook are up to date

- Show receipt of dvd player for PAT testing 

- Take part in peer assessment

- Write an evaluation

- Update bibliography 

- Update action plan

- Print out design sketch I want to be exhibited


Another photograph from todays filming


One of my favourite photographs of the day






Today, was filming day, I felt completely prepared this morning and was so excited to film and photograph my piece. My filming time in Archway started at 9 am and finished at Midday, I met my dancer Tali and my helper Daniel in the reception of Archway at 9, we transported all the lights to the white lecture space where I would be filming. We started with setting up the lighting which Daniel really helped with, I then sorted out Tali's Costume and some basic make-up and finished by attaching the wig.

I am so happy with how the costume moved and Tali danced and performed beautifully and really made the most of the movement in the costume. I love the distorted route we went down with the choreography and watching the footage back it reminds me of the transformation of a butterfly from cocoon to butterfly which is a really sweet idea but the choreography made it creepier and quite ominous which I think is a good effect to have. I think I achieved my theme of suppression and rebellion well in the filming and photographs -  the room I was given in Archway also added to the effect it was quite industrial, all white but there was not one wall without a pipe or plug socket or visible lighting above- i'm glad that this added an effect of a complete colourful individual flourishing in a plain and empty room. 

Overall, i'm really happy with the footage and photographs I took and I cant wait to edit everything together tomorrow and print some photos for my sketchbook.

For the rest of the day I helped out my friends filming that day and we helped get all the lighting back to kings cross in a shared cab. If today has taught me anything it is that so much needs to be thought of and organised to create a performance and record it; I also learned that it is always so good to have help and I am really grateful for Tali being a good dancer and doing everything i asked her to and also my friends who helped me with lighting and suggestions to make the piece stronger and also their reassurance that it looked good. 


Action Plan Week beginning 20th April

Sia 'Chandelier 2014 music video - inspiring choreography and impact of wig



Today, I went to class with the intention of completely finishing my wig. I worked on it all day but I still have a small bit left to do and I am sure I will be able to finish it with maybe one more hours work on it. I'm really happy with the progress and seeing it progressively being built up is quite nice because it starts to look more and more like hair and the texture becomes more interesting as it tangles and sticks together. I like the aesthetic of the wig best when i start to pull the gauze apart and comb my fingers through the less matted pieces. I think that the added length also improves the appearance of the wig as hair, the varied layers of short and long means that it starts to take on the appearance of dreadlocks and it actually looks like hair which is great. 

The wig is starting to remind me of Sia's music video for her song 'Chandelier' which is also inspiring me with choreography as it is quite distorted and to me shows both following a routine but also movements of freedom and a rebellion to be free of the flat that the dancer is performing in. 

Action plan for the weekend:

- Finish wig construction

- Make sure that the wig fits nicely and does not slip fro the head 

- Look at make up and how I can print it onto the face 

- Prepare materials for filming on Monday 

- Complete Neck piece

- Return screen purchased  as it does not play film and buy new screen that does play film 



Sia 'Chandelier 2014 music video - inspiring choreography and impact of wig


Sketches of choreography and movement ideas



Today, I went to class and continued working on my wig, im finding this really tedious now and i am so looking forward to finishing it. I am working on adding more length to the wig to make it more interesting for me and less repetitive. I am going to make a list for the rest of this week of what I need to do because I feel like there is so much paper work to be done on top of completing my costume and shooting the video and photos for the final presentation and exhibition of my work. 

Kate brought in her pinking shears for me to use on the edges of the chiffon to prevent any more fraying, I used these in the afternoon to cut along the edges of all my chiffon and made sure that I straightened out the edges as they didntt look very neat before, this was so effective and helpful, I feel so much better about my costume now and I feel that it looks more finished and professional. 

Tomorrow on my list of things to do:

- Purchase a screen to show final video on in exhibition

- Test screen plays video 

- Purchase pinking shears

- Start constructing Neck piece

- Continue working on wig 



After a productive easter break, I went back to class with an almost complete costume, there were a few things I needed technical advice on. Unfortunately I had problems with my chiffon which would not tear as I wanted it to, this meant that I had to cut it which leads to fraying in chiffon, I tried to fix this with a very small outline of pva glue at the edge of each piece of chiffon however this doesn't seem to be working. I asked my tutor how to stop this and there are two possibilities, one is doing a roll stitch, which is done by hand along the edge of the chiffon, however this is quite time consuming and may cause the chiffon to fall in a different way; the second option is to cut the edges with pinking shears which will leave a zig-zag edge decreasing the risk of any more fraying - think the second option will be the most achievable in the time I have left. We alo talked about how I could make my wig longer and create the effect that it is stretching out and alive - I might also make a chiffon neck piece to show the material reaching out - I really like these Ideas which will build upon the costume I already have - this will make it visually more attractive and will hopefully add to the rebellious movements of the material that my choreography will show. Choreography is another topic we discussed, my tutor gave me advice not to go for the obvious option with chiffon which is a lot of leaping and floating, she suggested that I make the choreography more distorted and grotesque which I really think will work - I will be working on this choreography with my dancer before we film and photograph the costume on Monday. 

I have a lot to do this week, but with a well executed check list, action plan and organisation I think I will be able to achieve everything I want to.


Action Plan week beginning 13th April

Completed leotard and chiffon insert - experimentational draping over body and shoulder


Easter break progress

I began construction of my costume before easter break with my leotard pattern cut and fittings with my dancer tali to make sure that I had got the measurements right and everything fitted well. I feel that from here I have made huge progress with my costume; I sewed elastic into the seams of my leotard and made sure that it all stretched as it should and then inserted the chiffon into the waist line of the leotard which was a challenge but it worked. I am quite proud of myself as I have never worked with lycra or chiffon before and I managed to construct a lycra leotard from scratch with chiffon sewn into it. I cant wait for the fitting when I get back to class on monday. The only problem I have had is the fraying of the chiffon, I tried to solve this by painting a thin line of pva glue along the edges of the chiffon but this looked messy so I am hoping to seek advice from one of my tutors on Monday about what I can do to stop fraying but still make the costume look neat and finished well. 


Leotard and chiffon insert tacking stitched together


A Streetcar Named Desire - The Scottish Ballet - Sadlers Wells Theatre

I went to see the Scottish ballet adaptation of the play 'A Streetcar Named Desire' By Tennessee Williams, as It has themes that match the ones I am facing in my project. The storyline follows two sisters from a wealthy family who lose their home and inheritance and are left with no money, before they face this problem the younger of the two, Stella, moves away and meets 'Stanley' her partner; the eldest sister Blanche is forced to seek help from Stella and Stanley, she goes to live with them and finds it is not the ideal situation. Blanche finds that Stanley is an abusive partner and uses his power to suppress Stellas freedom. The story is very tragic and there is no force of rebellion that is effective against Stanley as Stella is in love with him and Blanches effort to make Stella leave fails. The story ends with Blanche being sent away to a psychiatric unit when Stella is convinced that she is mad when Blanche rightfully accuses Stanley of Raping her. 

The Ballet really told the story well and followed the narrative perfectly through the removal of speech and implementation of movement. The set was really impressive and mostly depended on movable building blocks which transformed into different props such as a bed, a table and chairs, and a luminous hotel sign. I think the most impressive and effective part of the set was one of the earliest scenes, as Blanche is left alone with only her house as inheritance, the house constructed from building blocks tumbles and crashes across the stage. I found this really effective in showing how Blanches life is falling apart and it is the beginning of the end. The costumes were amazing and I loved Blanches in particular, layered material in most of her costumes created a beautiful flared and glamorous effect as she moved, however at her most vulnerable this was stripped back to a simple shift dress, the silky material and single layer showed how her facade of being a wealthy woman was stripped away to the simplicity of her new life.

Overall I really enjoyed the performance, the dancers were amazing and I picked up some ideas for the choreography in my performance where i can show the suppression of my character and how she might break away from that. Im glad I went to this performance because it has given me a lot of ideas and it was also really visually beautiful.


A Streetcar Named Desire - The Scottish Ballet - Sadlers Wells Theatre


Problems with stretch materials

Problems with stretch materials 

Today when doing my trial on sewing chiffon into a lycra leotard I discovered some of the problems I will have when putting together my costume. Lycra is habitually stretchy whereas chiffon is not and has a tendency fray, I didn't find sewing the two together difficult but it was tricky and fiddly, however using a looser tension and a zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine will mean that i can sew them together with much more ease when constructing the real costume. I think this trial run went well using scraps however I will be much more nervous to sew on the real materials as I don't want any major problems with our limited time to complete this project. I am excited to really get started on the making with my red materials; i really hope that everything goes well and my main concern is the waist where the lycra will meet the chiffon, hopefully it will all go smoothly as this is the first time i have worked with both lycra and chiffon.


Experimentation process of inserting chiffon into a leotard - successful


Workflow presentations

Today we had allotted times to come into class and present our workflow sites to our peers for some feedback and advice, I thought i prepared my workflow quite well however I learnt that there is a lot that I could add to my site. I haven't been presenting my storyboards or the progression of my costume designs and I think i should do this because it will make my design process and the order of my thoughts a lot more understandable and readable. Today I will plan what i need to do over the Easter break by making a list of things to do and an action plan to stick to. I haven't been sticking to my action plans as i would have liked to due to issues that cannot really be worked around and I think looking at my original action plan I had been over-ambitious about how quickly I would complete my work; I dont think I gave enough time and thought into the design process in my original action plan so a lot of my making has been pushed back. However I know I have enough time to finish my costume and If anything goes wrong I will have the time to fix it. I had a fitting with my dancer today and the leotard fit well so I can now insert the elastic and really make a solid start.



This week I stuck to my action plan which I am really happy with I have learnt to be realistic about what I can create with the amount of time and materials I have, I planned what I needed to do around work commitments and I managed to achieve what I wanted so over the easter I will make sure my action plan is possible to stick to and this way I think I will be more productive and efficient in my work.


Rebecca Horn - Arm Extensions- 1968



Today we had a lecture on the Unit 7 Exhibition and Assessment. This lecture made me think about how much time I really have left to complete my costume and get it documented, with this in mind I know what I have to do in the next few days before easter break to make sure I have enough time to complete and achieve everything I want in my project. I have the whole 2 weeks of easter to work on my costume at home and I hope to document this the first week back so that I have time to edit footage and photographs and get any photographs printed if i decide to display them instead of a video. 

I had a conversation with Marie about my university choices as I wanted to accept an offer by the end of today, after this conversation I felt a lot more  confident about my decision and I have accepted my offer to study costume for performance at London College of Fashion next year. Accepting this offer has given me more drive to make this project my best yet and I am really motivated to finish this project to my best ability. 

This evening i will order more gauze to make sure I can complete my wig on time - I am making time at work on the weekend to continue working on my wig during my breaks so that I can utilise all the time I get; I thought It would also be good to get the perspective on my project from other people who are not on my course. 

I am also looking at Rebecca Horn's work at the moment looking at how her pieces restrict movement and also alter movement as I think this is a strong visual link to my work in her piece 'Arm Extensions' 1968 and I wonder about the inspiration behind her pieces and the context.



Today, I wanted to continue working on my costume in class, I worked on my wig today as I wanted to see if the Gauze had the hair-like effect i wanted. I purchased a wig cap and 12 rolls of gauze to experiment with, I found the process of constructing the wig quite therapeutic and i really enjoyed seeing how the gauze layered and built upon itself; I separated and tangled the rolls of gauze and they began to look like matted hair, im really impressed by the way that it adapted to the format I styled it into. I'm happy with my progress with the wig however I have already used all of the gauze and i will need to purchase more in order to complete the wig. Tomorrow after our lecture on the exhibition and assessment for unit 7 I plan to fit the leotard to Tali to see if there are any adjustments that need to be made before I add the elastic and sew it on the sewing machine. 

I am happy with the progress that my costume is taking however I think I need more inspiration to contribute to the movement and choreography I want to be conveyed in my performance so I amlooking for dance shows to see over the Easter break, I am hoping to book the ballet adaptation of 'A streetcar named desire' as I know the play well and it has themes of repression and suppression between genders and I would like to see how a ballet choreographer would approach this idea through movement. 


Current Student Union Occupation of the CSM reception - Protesting against cuts to Foundation places and Widening participation across UAL



Today we talked about protest and rebellion in class due to the recent events within our university. The student union have occupied the CSM office in protest against the huge cuts to foundation courses and Widening Participation across the UAL colleges; we were allowed to visit the protesters in the morning which was really interesting to hear their opinions on the situation. As a class I think we all feel quite attached to the protest as PDP students whose foundation course is set to be cut in the next couple of years. I felt that this really connected with my project on suppression and rebellion, I feel like as students we are being suppressed by cuts to funding and opportunities and people are beginning to rebel against these problems. With this in mind I continued working on my costume, I cut the pattern for my leotard and then cut it on red lycra/spandex material. I tacked it together so that my performer can try it on for size when i next see her. In the afternoon I started working on my white wig using a wig cap and white gauze to construct it. Im happy with my progress today and I am hoping that my performer is available for fitting tomorrow so that I can start to sew the leotard together on wednesday in the stitch workshop; I also hope to continue with my wig tomorrow although i think I need more gauze. I will keep the feeling of rebellion in mind when thinking about how my costume will move for the final performance.


Action Plan Week beginning 23rd March

Google search results for 'White Wig'



This morning I had my Peer Group meeting design presentation, where we could present our work and design process to our peer group, I was looking forward to getting feedback from my peers and Marie. It's good to have a group of peers in class who have seen your development and who you can look to for further advice and vice - versa throughout the project. It was good to get 5 different perspectives on my work - feedback I got was that perhaps a long white wig or a floating headpiece could add to the floating movements in the costume, it's also been recommended that I visit the stitch workshop technicians for advice and help with making my leotard, which i am planning to do next Wednesday.  

Today really helped me think about what i can do to develop my designs even further and now i am ready to start making and constructing my piece, for the rest of the day I started to work on part 1 of my costume as my action plan states. I looked up gauze and wig caps as was recommended to make a wig and i think im going to go with it, im really excited to start the making process.



Assessment Criteria questions

These questions are reflecting the assessment criteria of Unit 7. It is important that you are addressing all of these in your project. For your design presentation, please fill out what you think is appropriate to your project at this time and bring it to your tutorial.


1.In what way is your project proposal critical?

My project proposal is critical in the way that it is exploring suppression and rebellion through material and movement, looking at whether the restriction of the body using material can cause a struggle to break free and rebel. 

2.What is the context of your proposal and how does it relate to your studies?

I am approaching the themes of suppression and rebellion from a costume perspective, relating to our set text 'A clockwork orange' by Anthony Burgess I am focusing on Alex's character and how he rebels against the normalities of everyday life.

3. Have you analysed and evaluated research in order to develop your ideas?

I have been recording my research on workflow and also adding some research into my textbook to show how certain pieces are influencing my work and thought/ design process. When I visit exhibitions I try to take photographs and also add a write-up/ review about them in my information file on workflow. 

4. Are the challenges you are facing complex? How so?

Yes, there are many ways I could have approached suppression and rebellion and i have been through numerous ideas and designs. In regards to making the costume itself I will be challenging myself working with a Spandex/Lycra material which i have never worked with before and also looking at how the costume will transform in a performative context is quite a challenge. I face the challenge of working with difficult materials and patterns for the first time and making sure that the audience will be able to read the outcome as i would like them to.

5.How have you experimented?

I have experimented with my designs for the piece, looking at how the material will sit on the body and whether I will need too add complicated decoration to the design or whether to strip it back and just focus on the movement of the material as I had in mind at the beginning. I have experimented with dying fabric (chiffon), I have bought and sourced various fabric samples to see how they move and if they will be free or restrictive enough.

6. What research have you looked at in order to support your process? 

I have looked into movement and dance quite a lot, researching Laben's ideology and that of dancers/choreographers such as Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Pina Bausch. I have researched into visual connotations of my costume such as the blooming of flowers, the culture of rebellion, tribal costume etc. I have also researched into rebellious icons watching films such as Quadrophenia and Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork orange, I looked at modern day riots and protests such as student riots, plans to privatise the NHS and rioters such as Pussy Riot. I have spent time going to galleries to look at exhibitions based around our project such as Adventures of the Black Square at The Whitechapel gallery, Tony Ousler at the Lisson Gallery, Conflict, time, photography at the Tate modern, the religion and ideology exhibit at the Saatchi and various other exhibitions. 

7.Have you developed your technical understanding? 

Yes I understand what I have to do to make my costume such as taking measurements of my performer, constructing a pattern and seeking help from the stitch workshop technicians on how I will sew with the challenging materials I am using. I have also experimented with dye and I know that this will always be an option if i cannot find a fabric in the shade I want.

8. What methods do you propose to use in the creation of the outcome? In what way do you think they are appropriate? 

I will measure my model, draw out and cut a pattern, using the stitch workshop and technical help from tutors I will learn to use an overlocker or a technique that will make sewing lycra more comfortable. I will use a camera to photograph my costume in context but also film the movement of the costume. This will require editing on software such as photoshop and adobe premiere. These methods are appropriate, I need to use the right methods and equipment to sew stretchy materials otherwise they can gather or tear when the model tries the costume on for fitting. Editing software is appropriate so that i can enhance and edit my outcome.

 9.Are you reflecting and evaluating your process? In what way does this help you in your decision-making? 

Yes, I reflect and evaluate everyday in my reflective journal, this helps me see clearly what i have to do next by reflecting on the day I can organise an action plan for what i need to do to take the next step. 

10. How will you critically review the effectiveness and appropriateness of your planning, your methods of production and your results?

In my reflective journal and final evaluation, I will always refer back to my action plan to see whether i am sticking to it, I will experiment with my methods, if they aren't working I will try something else, peer assessment and meetings will help me get another perspective. 

11.  What do you think you are going to present at the end and how will this be shown most effectively? 

A film hopefully however without the equipment available to students for showing videos, im not sure this will be attainable. I will have a selection of photographs also from the performance, so as a last resort i will present a montage of 3 photographs to show the transformation of my costume.



Today, we had a workshop on risk assessments in the morning; this is something that is going to help me in the project as it progresses and for the exhibition. I now know clearly everything I need to keep in mind when recording my outcome and also when preparing it for the exhibition. I think the things i have to keep in mind are lighting and cables when filming and cables and use of electricity in the exhibition, cables are a problem due to trip hazards and lighting, for my dancer is important because low lighting will be used and this could be dangerous. 

I also started thinking about how I will exhibit my work - I need to film my costume because the transformation between suppression and rebellion must be clear for the audience to see. However, the projector and a television screen may not be available to us. This is a problem because I do not have a spare screen to show my work on so I may have to source or buy one especially for the exhibition. This might be a struggle due to price but If i start to think about it now i could find a solution.

For the afternoon I worked on my final designs so that they are prepared for the design presentation tomorrow morning. I made sure my storyboard was finished and made some technical drawings including Tali's measurements; I will also take in the materials i have gathered to give my peer group a better idea of what the costume will look and feel like and i think this will give a better idea of what the performance will look like and focus on with how suppressive and movement enhancing the variety of materials are.


Action Plan week beginning 16th March


Today we had a lecture in the morning about storyboarding, I think that storyboarding is really important especially when filming because it gives you the chance to see what shots are essential to your filming and to have a storyboard in front of you ensures that you wont miss any shots. I learnt some really helpful tips for my storyboarding such as how i can show camera movements by drawing black arrows on the shots to show where the camera will move in and focus on, also using black boxes to show where the camera will stop and what the final frame will be; this was a really helpful tip to hear because usually i would draw each separate frame to show the camera zooming in for example. I also really enjoyed the part of the presentation looking at the history of film because i really love George Melies and the lumiere brothers but I didn't know before how they over-lapped. George Melies wanted to buy a film camera from the Lumiere brothers but they would not allow it so he had to construct his own camera, Melies then became famous for creating fantasy films, and created many of the transitions in film that are still used today.

Today made me think about how i might film my costume piece and I started to storyboard ways that i might use camera angles and transitions as well as lighting. I would like to shoot my piece in a dark room, using lighting to focus in on the suppressed movements in the first part of my costume and then the vibrant and free movements of the second part. 

In the afternoon we had a second lecture on Constructivism and its legacy. Constructivism was born from the events happening in Russia during the revolutions and the overthrowing of the Tsar; this led artists to look at revolution and utopian futures. I learnt that in Constructivism artists would work as designers where form followed function, so the guiding function was construction and not decoration. This made me think about my projcet. I think I am going into too much detail with my designs and I am straying from my original plans of making a costume that depicts freedom and rebellion. I think I should strip back my designs and focus on how different materials will react to movement 


Hawaiian Women's Barkcloth Skirt, Early 1800's - The british museum - Shifting patterns: Pacific barkcloth clothing




Today I visited the British museum to see the exhibition on Barkcloth clothing as I can see my costume designs taking on a tribal tone, I thought it would be interesting to see how tribal clothes were made and what material was used to make them. I learnt some really interesting things. For example in Fiji, the chiefs of tribes would once use Barkcloths as a sort of performative gift to give to visitors. Long narrow barkcloth strips were often wrapped or looped around the body in a way that they could be removed in one flourish and then be presented to visitors as a gift. I found this really interesting as I am looking at how my costume could be unravelled and a rebellious character could be released or presented. I really liked the rough texture of the barkcloth, it felt really natural and the dyes used to decorate the material. I also liked the way that it was said the clothing was constructed, a particular Hawaiian skirt from the 1800's  was made using cloths several metres in length which were layered and gathered around the waist to create the full skirts of Hawaiian; I really like this idea of layering to get a fuller look and i will consider it when constructing my own work.



Today we had allocated times for a workshop on drawing light, I was in the afternoon group so i spent the morning gathering the materials needed for the workshop and collating some research on flower blooming and rebel iconography from the punk rock scene in Britain. I think this research will help me develop my costume and move away from or develop my initial ideas into a more complex idea. The workshop was really helpful, as someone who sometimes struggles with quick sketching I found it very interesting and useful for the future when I am drawing spaces. The activity was based around a still life composition of 4 mannequins with a variety of materials of different fabric and texture draped on and dressing the mannequins; we had to look at how the light affected the different materials, such as fur, velvet and lace. I found it difficult at first to ignore the outlines of the mannequins and the material in order to just draw the light but I got used to It the more i looked at the mannequins. Then we were shown how the colour of the lighting could be altered with gels which altered the mood and tone of the fabrics, It also helped show which direction the light was coming from and in some ways it made the areas where the light hit more visible. i think this workshop was really worthwhile and productive and I think I will use the skills i learnt today such as collage and drawing on black paper to show lighting in set and costume more in the future. 

I am trying to keep to my action plan although with workshops and other activities I have found it difficult to keep up, tomorrow I plan to go to an exhibition In the British museum on Pacific Barkcloth clothing because i want to get an alternative look on rituals and alternative culture; I'm hoping that this will give me some inspiration with my costume and help me to expand away from my initial idea. I am also hoping to search for a lycra material tomorrow and hopefully buy some to experiment with or look at using it for samples.



Today we had the option of taking part in a skills workshop for set design if we wanted or to continue working on our projects. I continued working on my project as mine will be a costume so I felt that this was a better way to utilise my time. I worked on my initial sketch of a red mass of material, looking at how i could make this work in construction, i looked at using a leotard as a base maybe and adding on from there using maybe netting and a form of chiffon - all red fabric. However, i feel that i am drawing to conclusions too quickly and i think i would like to look at how else I could approach rebellion, i have taken out some books of the iconography and image of rebellion - one focuses a lot on the alternative and punk rock scene so I want to look at that to see how groups of people would rebel through fashion sense and image. I think it would also be interesting to look at human patterns in movement and think about how i could choreograph a character to move in a completely different way. I had a talk with Marie today about my offers and my future following the end of this course, this was really helpful in letting me understand my options and where my interests really are. I think I am almost sure on accepting a costume offer because this is what my work revolves around and i think it is something i should really expand on and learn more about. 


Material and Dye experimentation process 6/03/2015

Action Plan for Week beginning 9th March PDF

Action Plan for Week beginning 9th March

One Man Show Mamoru Iriguchi




Today we had some independent study time, so in the morning I updated my bibliography and information file and went to the library to pick up some more books. I collected a Merce Cunningham book because i want to look at more dance performances and what type of costumes are used. In the afternoon Mamoru Iriguchi gave our class a lecture on the type of work he produces and how his career progressed once he left education. It was really interesting to hear how someone else has established themselves. Iriguchi talked about how not all directors liked his ideas when he was working as an assistant and this was a problem for him because his ideas were often rejected or altered to suit someone else's vision; and this is why he decided to start making his own performances. I liked the way he talked about his work and his flaws, he said that sometimes its good when you're not so good at something because that's what can make your work stand out. I also appreciated that he is not advanced in the use of technology but he uses simple methods and software such as photoshop and keynote to create professional performances that still incorporate technology. It was really good to hear from Iriguchi as he is a successful artist its really great to see that it is possible to get your work noticed.

I really enjoyed looking at some of Iriguchi's performance pieces, I particularly liked his 'One Man Show' as the use of screens and pre-recorded scenes was really clever and it had a comical tone to it. I liked how it was a one man show but it was also interactive, it was really clever and interesting to see how you can create a whole performance with just one performer. 


Tony Oursler (24/02/2015)


Final Drawing of Alex today (24/02/2015)




Today we had a character analysis and drawing workshop to help us with character development. We first had a few minutes to draw a quick sketch of Alex as we interpret him from the book, trying to get as far away from the Kubrick vision as possible. I wasn't happy with mine, I am a slow drawer so I did not manage to add much detail beyond the outline. We then had to analyse Alex's character from the book in detail and draw him as the book describes him. For the final sketch we were put into pairs and asked to pose in the way that a 15 year old would pose; we then drew these poses and drew our interpretation of Alex on top of the figure. My first drawing of Alex was very basic and not very descriptive at all, but my final one was a lot more reflective of Alex's character. The pose became a lot more realistic for a 15 year old and the addition of colour and texture allowed me to add my own twist on Alex. 

I think my understanding of Alex's character developed a lot through the analysis process it really helped me to see Alex as I read him in the book and see a 15 year old rather than the Stanley Kubrick version. I found that hats are not mentioned at all in the book and the characters wear black bottoms rather than all white; this showed me that everyone has their own interpretation of characters and I should not just base a character around another persons vision.

I learned some really cool techniques for adding colour, texture and tone to my character drawing. I really liked using material to apply texture and pattern to my character. I also liked the technique of using watercolour PVA glue and sugar to add a dotty pattern and a harsh texture. I would definitely use these techniques again alongside the analysis techniques that I picked up such as using a table to break down each character in a text and figure out their character traits and appearances. 

In the afternoon I visited the Lisson Gallery 'Tony Oursler: template/variant/friend/stranger. I wanted to visit this exhibition because a classmate recommended it, It is also close to CSM and a gallery I had never heard of or been to before. I went with an open mind and I was really impressed. I liked Ousler's connection with communication and identity in everyday life as this is so common now with social media and new techologies to make it easier for us to communicate with people. However he also has the vision that one day our man-made technology could end up controlling us and keeping us under constant surveillance. I really liked his VIE series of faces which looked at facial recognition on a large scale showing large cardboard heads with monitors and media players that allowed the heads to have conversations amongst each-other with their lips able to move and their eyes able to blink.

I think today really helped me with my character development skills and my drawing, I think, is continuing to improve the more I experiment with new materials and textures. 



One of my first attempts at drawing Aex


Sergey Shutov's Abacus 2001 Ideology and religion The Saatchi




Today we had a lecture on shock and controversy looking at the difference between the two, to me genuine shock is something you feel when you look at a piece of work, when you feel a sinking in your stomach. I think controversy is more something you are unsure of, a piece of work that makes you ponder what is acceptable and what is close to crossing the line, its not so much something that makes you feel genuinely shocked.

The last piece of art that shocked me would be either Jim Goldberg's Democratic Republic of Congo 2008 (Conflict, Time, Photography Tate Modern) or Sergey Shutov's Abacus 2001 ( Ideology and religion The Saatchi ). The first due to the gaping and sore back of a man who had been shot and attacked multiple times by rebels. This shocked me because I have never seen a wound so deep or intense in real life, it looks really terrifying and painful. This piece made me feeling like I have a really good life and many of us could not imagine the pain that people suffer in third world countries and those at war. I also think Abacus because I was shocked when I walked into the room where the moving collection of sculptures were situated, I thought that there was a real prayer taking place in the gallery and I was just not expecting it. It was quite sinister in a way as I couldn't tell whether the motorised bowing figures were real people or not and that was scary because you could not see their identities.

Shock and Controversy relate to my project in the way that I am looking at Suppression and Rebellion. It could be argued that In a Clockwork Orange Alex's behaviour is shocking but not so shocking as his state of mind and how he is proud of his behaviour and quite happy to do what he does without feelings of guilt - that type of rebellion against a normal lifestyle of going to school etc. is really shocking. We could also argue that Alex's suppression in the use of Ludvico's treatment is shocking because the 'good' people the ones who abide by the law and enforce it become just as bad as Alex by inflicting so much pain physically and mentally upon Alex. did he deserve it or is it a step too far? Are the law enforcers, such as the police force who later recruit Alex's old droog and enemy,just as violent as the criminals, is that violence intrinsic in people who feel the need to have some power? Where do we draw the line with rebellion and suppression, when do people rebel too much and when does the suppression become as bad as the rebellion?


Jim Goldberg Democratic Republic of Congo 2008 - Tate Modern - Conflict, Time, Photography




After a busy and productive reading week I was ready to go back to class today with lots of research and context behind my idea. Today we were analysing the text chapter by chapter which was good to really study it in depth and look at how we would stage that chapter and storyboard it. In my pair we got chapter 10 (part 2 chapter 3) which was good because that is the chapter that my personal project proposal title came from 'If someone hits you, you hit back do you not?' so I knew the location and what happens in that chapter quite well. I think my understanding of this scene was enhanced by this exercise as i could draw out the scenes and see them how I would produce them for stage. Me and my partner found that in a 4 page chapter the location changed 5 times so it was interesting thinking about how that would be done on stage. Once we had all finished analysing we went on to storyboard our chapters which we then all put up on the wall so that we had the whole book drawn out in our own perspective. After lunch we had some group discussions on themes that arise in a clockwork orange, my group spoke about dystopia's, where they arise in the book and what we think dystopia is to us. This discussion was really helpful in letting me know what I have to research into more and what i find interesting. Dystopian society and the political side of the novel are definitely things i want to explore and understand further in more detail, I understand what a dystopian society is but i would like to look at how it applies to modern day and how perhaps we are heading towards a dystopian society. Today I learned that I am good at visualising scenes in my own vision however I am not so good at getting them onto paper so I want to really work on my drawing skills. I think the discussions in the afternoon really informend my project and i want to look at how suppression and rebellion feed into a dystopian society.




Today, we had a day to pull our research together into an individual moodboard which we would then each put on the wall alongside eachother's so that we could visualise all of our ideas together as a class and see the variety of ideas that have been pulled from one text. I made mine using my visual artist research images such as Lygia Pape's Divisor and Martha Graham's Lamentation I also used images of the Lumiere Brothers Serpentine dance performance costume, the flowing material is orange in the image i selected and looked like orange peel on the poster from far away which I thought was a cool coincidence. Today, I learnt that I know what i am going to base my unit 7 project on and I want to do more research into movement and current events relating to suppression and rebellion.  I really want my project to be relevant to the modern day because i want it to be something that people can relate to now.  I am going to go back to what I learnt about Laban's ideology on movement and kinesphere; i want to research his techniques further and think about how i can apply them to a performance based on costume and movement. As it is reading week I am going to visit the library on Monday and collect any relevant books i might need.



Unit 7 UP Engagement activity  

Today we had our Unit 7 Undergraduate progression Engagement activity, I was nervous before we started as i was worried that I hadn't gone into enough detail in what i had written down, however when i started my presentation and started explaining my project Ideas i became less nervous. By the second presentation I wasn't as nervous as the first, overall I am happy with how today went, i didn't jumble up my words which was good and I stayed as calm as I could. I just really hope I explained myself well enough so that the tutors understood my Idea, It was great to have the experience of pitching an idea and something that gave me a sense of achievement and built on my confidence. I also finished my Action plan in my free time between presentations so i think i used my time well tonight I am completing my proposal and printing it off ready for my draft deadline tomorrow.


Lamentation Martha Graham



UNIT 7 Day 2

Today, we were working further on our Personal Project Proposals; I wanted to make sure that I knew mine well enough to pitch it to the UP tutors tomorrow. I came up with a final title 'If someone hits you, you hit back, do you not?’ An exploration into suppressive and rebellious forces in society through material and movement. I think this title makes more sense with my ideas and I think it gives a better indication of what i want to do. I wanted to make sure that I am clear on what i am making, a costume that is creating using restricting materials and free flowing materials that enhance and suppress movement. I've created my presentation and made sure that I have included a number of visual aids of artist work and research so that my ideas communicate well. Today I added Martha Graham's Lamentation to convey how materials can restrict the movement of the body, I think this research has been quite helpful, looking at the constriction of the material and how the dancer would rebel and fight to move and escape that hold. I'm feeling nervous about tomorrow, but I know I have done as much as I can and my project is something I am interested in and believe in, I think I will be able to talk in a positive way. I know that I want to continue studying within the theatre cluster and I hope my enthusiasm will be communicated.



UNIT 7 Day 1 

Today we had group tutorials with our peer group tutors where we discussed our ideas and got feedback. Mine was first in the morning with Marie and 4 other classmates, i found the tutorial really helpful. I found that I need to be a little more complex in terms of possible routes the project could take, so I was told to remove the specifics such as use of colour and talk more about the moments that inspired me in the book and how they might inform the creation of a character and performance.I was also told that I should change my simple one word title to something more interesting so I am going for a line from the book 'If someone hits you, you hit back, do you not?' which still conveys the theme of rebellion but In the way that it creates a narrative for my project. The rest of the day I made sure I had everything i needed for my portfolio and continued to research for my brief, I picked up a book on 'the art of rebellion' which looks at urban art activism and also focused on how my project links with everyday life, I researched events that I remembered and had seen on the news recently such as the student riots in 2014 over tuition fees, similar to those in 2010 and also the protests against privatising the NHS, I am also going to look at the current protest for the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. When I got home I started to make my powerpoint presentation for my UP engagement activity on wednesday, I also edited my brief making sure to add in and take out everything we talked about in our group in class. I am worried about my engagement activity as I really want to communicate my ideas so that they are understood the way that I understand them and I want to make a good impression. Tomorrow I will talk to my group again and ask them if my brief makes more sense now and hopefully we can exchange more ideas.


An artist I liked at the Whitechapel Gallery - Lygia Pape - Divisor



The Whitechapel Gallery Adventures of the Black square

I visited this exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery on the 5th February to start my research into Unit 7. The exhibition started by looking at Malevich's black 'quadrilateral'1915, which established the abstract theme of the exhibition. The exhibition followed four themes of Utopia, Architecture, Communication and The Everyday. There was a really helpful projection in the exhibition that referenced performance artists looking at society and humanity, I took an interest in an image of Lygia Pape's 'Divisor'; A clockwork orange references the colour 'white' a lot when Alex starts his treatment after prison to 'make him better', the white colour that Pape uses in Divisor made me think about the idea of a clean slate or new beginning that the white promotes in a clockwork orange. The novel also explores divides in society between the younger generation compared to their parents generation, the sense of community in Lygia Papes 'divisor' also made me think about this element in a Clockwork Orange.

This exhibition made the question arise of What it means to be human How much freedom do we have in life and when do people take the idea of freedom too far and cross a line into depravity.



Unit 7 briefing 

Today we were briefed on Unit 7 and what we will be doing until the exhibition, it was quite daunting hearing how quickly the process would start but i'm really excited to get started. Unit 7 is based on A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess which I have already started to read, over the weekend we were asked to do some research into what theme we would like to work on from the novel. So I will finish reading the book this weekend and then watch the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation of the story. I headed to the library straight after to find some books on topics that had taken my interest so far; I picked up a book on freedom 'Freedom of the individual' by Stuart Hampshire; I will select pages and words that I find interesting and use them to aid my research. I've planned to visit the Whitechapel gallery tomorrow to see the Adventures of the Black Square exhibition which looks at abstract art from 1915 -2015. By Monday I have to have a draft proposal ready so I will get this done over the weekend, but I really want to think about the theme I choose so that I can make it the best I can.



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